My last name is pronounced sort of like 'shilborj', but in english it sounds like I'm a shill... maybe 'kilborg' (killer-cyborg) is better after all.

Tom Kihlborg

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Tom is highly professional and hardworking.
Tom Kihlborg (/'ʃilbɔrːj/)(born 24 November, 1997) is a visual communications student who freelances as a web designer, developer and illustrator. He works mainly in the no-code platform webflow, allowing him to design and build websites entirely from scratch. Before turning to graphic design / visual communication, Tom studied and completed a BA in History & International Relations from SOAS, additionally he has done a foundation year of architecture at Krabbesholm Højskole.
Tom Kihlborg
Tom in 2018
Tom Elias Kihlborg
November 24, 1997
(age 26).
Stockholm, Sweden.
SOAS (University of London)
Bachelors of Arts
Krabbesholm Højskole
2020 - 2021
Beckmans College of Design
With this interdisciplinary background Tom hopes to form an approach to graphic and web design that reflects his interest in history, politics, culture and art.

Website Work

Design & Built


Tom has done illustration work for multiple numbers of the alt-lit magazine 'L'amour la mort' and posters for the restaurant ROST.

Privately he posts his drawings and cartoons on instagram under the moniker @toom.toons. Recently he has taken an interest in animation, a craft/art he seeks to develop further and integrate into his web-design practice.


Tom has received critique for not respecting the value of his work (by offering his website building services, and illustration work, for ridiculously low prices). He has defended this practice by arguing that his main focus right now is to build a portfolio and gain exposure.

Contact / Work inquiry

Tom is currently available for your website building/designing needs. Reach him on the email adress bellow: 
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Magnetic button
Example of interactive animation possible with webflow.